Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Time

This is my youngest Regan and she will be the 1st graduating class 2010 from Canyon Ridge High School.
This is our new High School where Regan is Decca Secretary, Leo Club President, Concert Choir, Completed the Fiance Academy and won the Hawks Humanitarian Award for the Seniors 1st quarter.
She is planning on going to CSI (College of Southern Idaho) in Secondary Eduction
and majoring in English and Art, then she plans on getting her degree in Graphic Designs.
She  definitely has a plan and is going for it, plus she has figured out that staying home as long as she can
is extremely cost effective since housing is so expensive.
We just finish her last Concert Choir of her High School career and she felt a great relief and some sadness
too. She has the rest of this week of school and then next week is basically rehearsals and Senior Trip, Year book signing and what ever else comes up. Plus she will still need to get her classes for the fall, it's a never ending circle...lol

Regan Happy Graduation and
Daddy and I are so proud of you!


  1. Ah hunny you must be one proud mum. Well done Regan and well done you for raising such a focused young woman.
    Sam x(from Facebook)

  2. Plus we have managed to stay best friends, and I'm blessed that we have such a great relationship. She is my best friend and my daughter too. It's hard at times when you have to quit being the friend and be the parent. So when they are mad because your the parent, then I smile and I know I'm doing my job.
    Thank you for your very nice comment and yes she is a great daughter and friend.