Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Back

I have been so busy with the Twin Falls Farmers Market and getting Regan ready for college and planning for her to go to BSU (Boise State university) in the fall of 2013. Plus I was the event coordinator this year for the Farmers Market so that has kept me very busy too, it's just a never ending circle.

One of the new things I have been doing is my machine embroidery Tea Towels and they have been going well and I have also added doing Machine Embroidery Quilt Squares, so I will be adding all of these new items to my FB page and Web site.

We did close down Black Crowe Wholesale, there just wasn't enough time to keep up with it all so something had to go, so the wholesale site went. We bought a  large Popcorn popper and a large Cotton Candy Machine and we have been having all kinds of fun with both of them, we are thinking about adding these products to our line, just have to figure out some of the details before we do that.

Needle felting has been one of my favorite crafts to do and i love working with the fibers and I love to do the sculpting and I like to do it just a little different, and a friend of mine is wanting me to teach a needle felting sculpting class to her knitting and spinning groups and I think this will be fun and I'm kinda looking forward to doing this. We might even try and do some on line to, but we need to check out what we need to do and how to do it before we offer it.

If you haven't liked my page please do so, so you can keep up with what we are up to and the new product that we will be putting on the web site too.

Be sure to check us out and be creative, safe and warm.