Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Check out our online store thru Squareup

To the left of your screen at the top is where it says Order on Line, you can check out our new on line store through SquareUp.
We use square all the time and so we have decided to us there online
store and sell our product. We do not have everything on line yet just a few 
items and they are all free shipping in the United States except for Alaska and we are sorry but we are not shipping out side the United States at this time.

Do to the limitation I have with my hands a lot of the items I used to do I will not be doing for a while. We are adding jewelry hand made by me and I do hope
you enjoy the pieces that we are doing.  Wrap bracelets are very popular right now so I do have some that are done with Super duo beads and they are
just so much fun to make and I think you will like them too.
Along with the beaded wrap bracelets I also enjoy doing the Super duo bangles
that I have learned to do from Jill Wiseman who is a very talented

So this is just a little peak as the what will be coming in the very near future
and be sure to check out the items for sale when you visit. I will also try and 
let you all know when I have added some new great items.

I'm back posting and making all kinds of new products, plus I will be adding new
items that you can make or purchase all ready made.

Remember to always Be Safe, Creative and Warm.
A Crowe's Gathering

Designer Crayons for gifts

This is a creative and nice gift that is easy to make and every kid will love it.
I like to make mine to reflect the Holiday or event that I'm giving it for like
Christmas they will have a Christmas theme,
Valentines will be all about Valentines,
Easter will be in the Easter Theme and so on.

Materials you'll need:

all of your broken crayons you just don't use anymore

a micro wave able design pan

wax paper

Gift Box or container that you choose to give your gift in.

Step One:  break your crayons up into small pieces and then add the colors that you 
                 want into the design trays.( For Christmas I like to use a Gingerbread soft
                 tray, so your crayons will look like Gingerbreads.)

Step Two:  Take your tray and place it in the Micro wave and set it for 1 minute then 
                  check and you can stir it with a skewer or a tooth pick to distribute the heat
                  evenly and put back in the micro wave at 15 seconds and repeat until the 
                  crayon is completely melted, then remove from the micro wave and let the
                  crayons cool and then turn over pan and pop out.

Step Three:  Now you get to put them into a container of your choice and give as a 
                     unique gift mad by you from you to that very special person.