Thursday, February 3, 2011

Re-Sizing Pictures for your Sites

So many times I go to sites, that when I click on the picture and it fills my whole screen, and sometimes you still can't see what the products is.  When you have pictures that large it takes up a lot of space on your site.  I like to keep my Thumb Nails at 150x150 and to enlarge to no more than 250x250. It helps if you start with a clear picture, then you can crop your picture to show just what you want and re size it to the size you want.  Smaller pictures take up less space so you get to show more, and also helps your site upload faster to.

There are some re sizing sites that are on the Web that are free, some have free trials, and the cost is small if you don't have a program. So check out these sites:

This one you can crop, frame and resize for FREE. But you can only do One (1) picture at a time.

This one you can crop add special effects and it's free too.

This  AVS Image converter and you can do multi pictures at one time. Plus AVS has many more programs available too. This program also has a watermark available too.

Happy re sizing to you all.!!!!

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