Friday, February 4, 2011

Instant Down Loads

With society being so geared to the fast track, no one wants to wait for anything, everyone wants its now.  The technology of the Internet feeds and supports those wants and needs.  When you buy a book, pattern, music, etc., we could go on an on, you can now down load it and you have it.  Some times I think "Have it Now" isn't always good, but that's another article.

If you look out there, you will see most sites who sell patterns, web sets, clip art, etc., are mostly done with instant down load, so the customer can "Have it Now" and keep doing what they were doing.  With this attitude of "I need it Now" you loose some of the customer service and getting to know your Seller or Buyer, because mostly all communication is electronic (where there is no communication).  When you do hear from your customer it is usually when there is a problem and the customer is mostly up set or at least irritated.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm one who loves to use the instant down loads, it frees me up from having to send out all orders that can be done at the time of purchase. Plus if frees up your time to create new product, work on other things and spend more time with your family.

There are so many ways of doing instant down loads, you can pay and have it programed into your website or you can use a third party that you pay a monthly fee.  Now I have elected to use a third party and the fees for most part are very reasonable and simple to add the code they provide for your product.  With the ID you can add your product to sell on more than one website, your blogs, just where ever you want to sell your product and there is no fee's for selling you just pay your monthly fee. The fee is based on the amount of storage you need.  When you have it programmed to your site it's only on that site, so it limits you some what if you offer your products in more than one place.

You can google instant down load programs and you will get a good selection to research.

Here is a site that many of the pattern lady's use and  you may want to check it out.
Plus with this program you are also able to list your product in there download store which is included in your fee's.

Hope this has been informative and helpful to you all,
Happy Downloading to you all!!!

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