Friday, December 24, 2010

In a Pinch Homemade Snow

Is it just murphys law, that late at night when all the stores are closed and you need to finish
that last minute gift and you have either ran out of Snow or you go to the jat and
guess what it is so dry it is almost like dust. So you try adding a little water and nothing, so you let it sit
and now it's just a gooy glob of whatever and it diffently won't work for what you need it to.
So, what do you do? Well here's your answer.

You go into the supply closet and find some rough styrofoam balls, get a bowl and then you rub
the balls together and caught the stryofoam in the bowl, when you think you have enough
add some white glue to the mixutre and mix,(you can also add some glitter if you choose to.)
Now you can smooth it on what ever you needed to and you now have homemade snow.
The left overs I put in either a jar with a lid or a plastic zip lock bag and it will keep for a little while.

This is great alternative when nothing is open, you can also add cinnamon and spices to it for another look and a great smell, too.
Hope this will help you out of pinch for that last minute gift, or creative time.

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