Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Crowe's Gathering New Look

Come the first of the Year, A Crowe's Gathering will be doing a new face lift and with product too.
We are changing our direction with our Handmade products and will be caring a
phase with our own twist added to this product. We will not be just prim, but yet prim will always be in
our heart and will always have some prim. I just can't get away from it all.
Come the first of the year Main Street Mercantile will be closing, the economy just doesn't support us staying open, but onto new endeavors.

So Be sure to keep Checking back to see what is up with ACG.

We will be carrying Idaho Dirt which is a great New Product the resembles the Pixie sticks but is fun and you can us it as a learning tool then you can eat it, it is truly a fun item.

This set comes with 6 flavors,(cola,Root Beer,Cherry,Grape,Lemon Lime,Orange)
6 tubes and caps, box with test tube holder and instructions.
This is perfect for preschool teachers, Science Teachers, Camp Directors and Mom and Dad  to have fun with on a weekend. You can learn how to mix and then you get to eat it Yummmmmm!
The Kit is $15.00 Plus tax Idaho res. and shipping. We also will be selling the individual tubes in any of the flavors or a tube mixed with all 6 flavors for $1.50 each plus shipping and Idaho res. 6% sales tax.

We will also be caring Iris Boyds Inspiration of her prints of her Hand painted Turkey Feathers. This lady is truly talented and she has sold some of her feathers to the Emperor of China, President Brush, The Governor of Idaho and prints to the Dignitaries of the Vietnam War just to mention a few.
You will be able to purchase her 8 1/2 x 11 inch prints for $10.00 ea. or 3 for $25.00, Gift Cards $2.00 ea. or 6 for $10.00 and Book Marks $2.00 or 3 for $5.00.

You will just love her work plus they are great gift giving items too.

This is just a few things that will be coming to the our new look and products on  A Crowe's Gatheirng

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