Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Made Vanilla

Home Made Vanilla

This is to die for and the best vanilla ever and it is so easy to make and a lot cheaper and it's fresh.


10 vanilla beans, split lengthwise
1 liter vodka


1. Place the vanilla beans in the bottle of vodka and seal. Store in a cool, dark area such as a kitchen cabinet for 3 weeks, shaking the bottle every week. Three weeks is the minimum, store it 6 months for the best flavor. After using, replace with more vodka. The same beans will continue to flavor the vanilla for up to a year.
I have been making this for a while now and it just gives an awesome taste and the vanilla been, well you just can't get any richer taste. You can also bottle this and makes a great holiday seller too. I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. I love the bottle labels! Where did you find these?

    PS, a great source for bulk vanilla beans is They specialize only in offering the best quality vanilla products and have 8 different types of whole vanilla beans.

    Thanks again,


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I've always wanted to make my own vanilla as I use it a lot. A lot for baking and some for my 'stain' on Prim dolls and such! Thank you!