Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New Embroidery Machine Projects

Well the first part of May of this year a girl friend and I went to Boise to go shopping. I had remember a sewing machine shop that I really liked so it was still there and I stopped went in and looked at the all great new machines that you just drool over. So I just had to ask that question, how much is? Well I asked that
question and then proceeded to be shown how everything works, so then the brain starts working,
another big It's $699.00 for this and the card reader thing is $299.00 and the
art work digitizer something is $999.00. Then this machine you can use a card or plug directly into
your computer ( Computer!!! then I perked up and the brain went into overtime).

Then I asked,"You can save your designs on a flash drive, plug in your flash drive to your lap top
and use them that way?" No you have to have them on your hard drive."Well I can copy the one's I want to use to hard drive, use them and then delete them, right" Yes you could, but if you go a model you
can just plug in your flash drive to the machine. That bad question again How much is the that machine?
I should know better, it's$3000.00, I'm trying not to have heart failure, now I'm not really sure I even want
or really need one and you have now just jumped from $700 to $3000, so I decided we would do our shopping and then if I had decided I would come back by before we left town to go home.

So, we continued our shopping and I kept thinking (that bad thing I do), bu the time we had lunch I had decided to get the smaller one and for $800 verses $3000 I was a little happier.
I get home and I set it up and found out that I was right, all I had to do was to copy and paste my patterns to the removable disk use the ones I want and then delete them, I really didn't need the card reader, and there
are sites out there that will digitize your patterns at a reasonable fee and your set.  Yes if I was designing it would be feasible to purchase the digitizing packing, but since I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, this was the better way to go an it was for me.  But i do have to say I am having all kinds of fun
with this machine.  My machine is the little Brother and it Embroiders and sews too and has
great stitches on the sewing side too.

Here are some pics of the projects I have done and are also on my site

Set of 3 Coasters

Simplify Eye Glass Case

Can Huggers

Melting Snowman Checkbook/Calendar Cover

Coffee Cup Hugger

Boo Pumpkin Box
Checkbook/Calendar Cover

Hope you have enjoyed our new adventure!!!!

Be Safe, Cool and Creative!

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